When one is invited upon a journey, it is fair to indicate the route that is to be traveled, and the equipment that will be required. To do this about the work and meaning of the School of the Natural Order is not a simple matter; for to state in a few descriptive words the principles for which the School stands and the comprehensiveness of the levels of work, seems impossible. Nevertheless, that attempt must be made in order that an answer may be given to the many questions that are constantly being asked. In presenting this information, no attempt will be made to fortify statements with substantial proof or verifications. Adequate information is given in the body of literature of the S.N.O

Do you know that the most important, fundamental, basic fact about yourself is the Power to be Conscious? With what power do you imagine? With what power do you conceive? With what power do you formulate the neural responses of stimuli received or registered into images, pictures, etc.? With what power do you give values, meanings, and react thereto, etc.? Call that Power as you wish, label it as you like…with what power do you reflect, ruminate, contemplate, etc.? For the sake of communication, we refer to That…by whatever name you call it…as the Power to be Conscious.

The effort in the School of the Natural Order is to get acquainted with ourselves, develop ourselves, lay hold of that mighty dynamic power with which we function, and direct that power. Vitvan

Ancient Gnosis

The Ancient Wisdom Teachings present a description of the journey to be taken to self-knowledge. These teachings have been given in various ways: Vedas, Upanishads, the Kabala, the Greek and Egyptian Mysteries, etc. “When we think of the schools for attainment in the Orient, India, etc., we must not neglect dating them…as they were great in their respective times. Scientists of the Occident, however, have so far surpassed the methods of attainment of the Orient, that the schools of attainment of the future will be in the USA, and relative to our times, will be far in advance of any that the Orient produced. For the clearest, highest, etc. methods of spiritual attainment, look for the new developing schools in the USA. SNO is outstanding among them.” (Vitvan)


Students must have enough of the scientific approach to properly understand the Wisdom Teachings and to interpret them and represent them TODAY. Modern physicists have confirmed that we live in a dynamic energy world. In a measure at least, we try to realize that the dynamic and creative pattern of each field is proceeding in its own course, on its own level, and in response to the dynamic operations of frequencies.

General Semantics

SNO students have been given a methodology. We learn that we form images from the dynamic operation of frequencies and choose values to give to them. We study and use the tools of general semantics to develop clearer and more exact thinking. As our thinking and understanding becomes more precise, and as we learn to consciously abstract, we develop conscious control of our forces, and as Vitvan stated. “we elect what we want to be, what we want to do…."

“To assist the student to understand himself, to recognize his own natural order stages or states, to instruct and prepare him for the steps ahead, so he will be enabled to take these steps intelligently and wisely with a minimum of confusion and bewilderment and a maximum of insight and cooperation with the process – represents the purpose of this work and this teaching.” (Vitvan)