TheTeachings of Vitvan

A New Cycle Gnosis

There is a Power to be conscious!

“Do you know that the most important, fundamental, basic Fact about yourself is the Power to be Conscious?

With what power do you imagine? With power do you conceive? With what power do you formulate the neural responses of stimuli received or registered into images, pictures, etc.? With what power do you give values, meanings (and react thereto) etc.?

Call that Power as you wish, label it as you like…with what power do you reflect, ruminate, contemplate, etc.? For the sake of communication we refer to That….. by whatever name you call it … the Power to Be Conscious’

Vitvan, an American master (1883-1964), presented a methodology for contacting and experiencing this energy world.

He also provided instructions for learning to cooperate consciously with the process of expanding self-awareness.

How to See and Think of this World as an Energy World

“The I AM, which is my True Self, is the Power with which I am conscious of my world.”…..-Vitvan….We live in a vast energy world we call the universe or cosmos. Each one of us is a dynamic energy system. Yet most of us see and experience this universe or cosmos as a world of solid objects. We go about our daily existence unaware of the energy process of which we are all a part. There is a Power with which we are conscious, which motivates all activity. In each of us that Power-to-be-conscious is striving to become aware of its true nature. 

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